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Welcome to the Jungle, We’ve got Fun and Games

It’s funny how our favorite time of the year changes as we get older. When I was little, I most looked forward to December, because I loved spending Christmas with all of my cousins and duh, presents. As I got older and school got more demanding, summertime became my new favorite season for obvious reasons. When I lived in San Francisco, I learned to love October most, when the weather was at its warmest for a glorious couple of fog-free weeks. Now, I can say with utter confidence, that my favorite time of the year is February because of Bamboo Bass Festival.

Even if I wasn’t involved in throwing Bamboo, I guarantee that I’d still be a regular attendee. I’d still make the annual pilgrimage to Jaco, Costa Rica with all of my best friends, to play and dance and explore. I’d still gorge myself on fresh fish tacos and guanabana smoothies at Taco Bar, I’d still partake in sunset surf sessions at Jaco Beach, I’d still dance the night away under the jungle canopy to the very best that bass music has to offer. That’s only one of the million special things about Bamboo: the experience had between attendee and artist or crew member really doesn’t differ that much at all. We all frequent the same places around Jaco and go on the same Cost Rican adventures on our down time; our festival is so intimate that you could and probably will be dancing right next to your favorite headliners on the dance floor, multiple times throughout the weekend. The magic of Costa Rica is amplified by the uniqueness and spirit of Bamboo; you only have to visit one time to comprehend this. The Bamboo team has attended some of the world’s top bass festivals and we try to bring the very best parts of those events to our own little slice of paradise in Costa Rica.


This year will be my fourth time visiting Costa Rica, my third year attending Bamboo, and my first year attending as an active member of the Bamboo team. I couldn’t be more proud of the headliner lineup we delivered, or of the positive comments and reactions we receive online daily. It feels really good to be apart of something bigger than myself, especially when that thing is a badass international music festival that so many people travel so far to partake in. We are particularly proud to bring so many sub-genres of bass music together in the forms of AC Slater, Mr. Carmack, Craze, Stööki Sound, Stylust, Truth, Zeke Beats, and so much more.


Bamboo is more than just a festival. Bamboo is a project driven to create an international epicenter for the celebration of bass music, bass culture, and art of all kinds. This is a Costa Rica music festival experience for the bass lover and adventurer. Gather your crew, start planning today, and meet us in Jaco in February! Pure Vida!


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