Harm Reduction

Harm  Reduction

Bamboo Bass Festival’s number one priority is the safety of its patrons. While we do not encourage or condone the use of illicit substances, we are fully committed to provide all necessary medical services to keep our patrons safe in the event of any medical emergencies.

Bamboo is partnered with Karmik to provide outstanding harm reduction care:

About Karmik

Karmik is a west coast Harm Reduction organization which provides pragmatic harm reduction services to festivals and nightlife events across British Columbia. Based in Vancouver, BC, we advocate for evidence-based drug policy and community engagement through research, training programs, and public education.

We acknowledge the aspects of party culture that are inherently hazardous so Karmik’s trained Harm Reduction workers provide peer support with a non-judgemental perspective. We do not condemn or condone, and we support rather than punish.. We provide open and honest education about issues such as drug safety, anti-oppression, and sexual health in a way that is accessible, professional, and fun.

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