The Venue

A  Music  Festival  in  the
Costa  Rica  Jungle

Bamboo Bass is a music festival in the Costa Rica jungle. Our stages are nestled between giant old growth trees and surrounded by lush jungle canopy. The night time provides an experience like no other as you walk between stages on paths that light the jungle up in ways you’ve never seen. Be prepared to experience dancing in a the beautiful space of a Costa Rican jungle.



Venue Location

The venue is the site of an adventure park called Jaco Ropes. Discounted tours will be available for Bamboo Ticket holders. You’ll be able to fly above daytime acts and explore the canopy of the jungle

Jaco Ropes Adventure Park, accessible directly off the Costanera Sur Highway 34, is only a few minutes away from downtown Jaco Beach.

See all of the on-site amenities and venue location in our FAQ




The Stages

Our stages are designed to create the perfect jungle music festival experience. Angled never to interfere with each other sounds, they are both visible from each other in a beautiful display through the leaves of the jungle.

La Selva- Jungle

Main Stage- See all of the headliners here.

La Brisa- The Wind

For the best up and coming talent




A Music Festival in the Costa Rica Jungle wouldn’t be the same without installations from artists far and wide. Apply here for 2018.