The Bamboo Bass Blog Debut

The Bamboo Bass Blog Debut

Bamboo Bass Festival is about the celebration of bass music, community, culture, art and performance. We’re not kidding around when we say we’re creating the epicentre for Bass Music. So, we decided a blog would be one more way to nurture that, and here’s the blog debut.

This isn’t just any blog. Oh no. This blog is about you, the people who make Bass culture what it is. We want you to submit your pieces to us.

Bambooty art piece
Photo by Scout Photography

For the Love of Bass- Submit Your Stories


We’re looking for people who have a story to tell, an experience to share, technical knowledge- it’s pretty open. It can be about music production, a new artist who blew your mind, performers, what it’s like to be a performer, a story from coming down to Costa Rica for Bamboo Bass- the point is, we want to hear stories that are inspired by bass music.

Photo by Scout Photography

Our objective is to create a space where people have a chance to get their writing in front of an audience of people who care.

If you run a blog, we would be happy to have you do a guest piece on here as well.

Of course, take that with a grain of salt. We’re not going to be posting bigotry or negativity.  This is about the love of Bass. It’s also not a Facebook post or

comment section- not that a Facebook post or comment is meaningless. We want to hear real stories. We want depth.


Ray Noir killing it on his set
Photo by Scout Photography

Be the First to Write- Get Free Tickets

To kick this bad boy/girl/non-identified off, we’re offering free tickets to the first THREE pieces submitted. You’ll get TWO tickets in your name for you and a friend.

All you have to do is email – and follow this format:


1. Email us with the subject line “Blog Submission”

2. Type your piece into the body of the email or attach it as a word document. Label the title, author, and any other relevant information we need to credit photos, locations, artists, etc.

3. Attach photos to the email

4. Leave us your contact information so we can get back to you


This is a little experiment, and we’re excited to see where it goes.

Happy writing.


The Bamboo Fam


Two people walk through the Bamboo Bass Festival venue at Jaco Ropes during the day.
Photo by Scout Photography

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